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There is no one like this. do not use him for SPAM to get people to click your bullshit site. thank you ♥

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Blakey wakey, and show us what you got ♥

one of my dream men !!! 


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this should be the most reblogged post on tumblr before it dies

"Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it."
-Mark Twain

I’m so fucking sick of baby proofing the whole world. It’s not my responsibility to keep your child from seeing cock. You don’t want your kid to see gay porn, then do your job as a parent and monitor what they do online.

Yahumblr is about to become not-MySpace

agreed. so WHERE’S the new smut center? tumblr is about to be over

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woof dan harrison

DH shows it off. looks like he has lost some bulk tho?

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Ari is not gay. the Universe could not be that perverse……………. it cannot be. I have seen a ring on Ari’s right hand which people in slavic and finnish and even scandinavian nations wear wedding ring on right hand, but I don’t know if this would be appropriate for gay marriage there (to wear the ring) or if it is accepted. I am hallucinating. Why he is holding that man;s hand

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nice couple.  great location.  wish i was one of them.


Clothes. Off. NOW!!!!

I’m assuming they are 18 when I concur: CLOTHES. OFF. NOW! Love to be in that locker room. 770 or 815?

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gingerbear spread

I’m sick of looking at him! Why, you ask? There’s ONE In-N-Out Burger within like 20 miles of where I live OK? DAY or NIGHT, 24/7 the line for the drive-in is spilling out into the street. I. Fucking. Love. My. Double. Double! But I never get it! Instead, I’m forced to Carl’s or KFC or some other bullshit. That’s how I feel when I look at this guy now. He lives 5,000mi away and definitely has his own QUEUE of men waiting for him, so on the rare occasion I go to the bars where I live, I won’t ever see anything close to this. That’s why I am tired of looking at him. But I’ll keep posting him anyway because tumblr is my 14yo girl avatar.

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A for artistic.  very cool




JEEZ…so white and so pink!!!

oouuhhh .. too tight

Mmmmm, I want in that hole, especially with a fresh load in it.






Dude enjoys a great handjob (0:59)

may this video never go away from tumblr


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Don’t use the god Marshall White to SPAM people to your page.
omg, if you never fucked a guy in a over-stuffed chair like this, put it on your TO DO list!  in many ways it’s better than a sling because put the chair against the wall and he ain’t goin nowhere.  Sling is nice if you want a semi-lazy experience or deal with pulling on the chains to keep the bulls-eye right where you want it.  but in THIS scene, it stays exactly where you want it, you could have it in many different ways all tending to your pleasure.  the punch-fuck is no problem and neither is achieving FULL balls-in contact and keeping it there for as long as you’d like.  Slings are adjustable (most) and that is a plus here.  But you could also prop the chair legs up to achieve perfect height for your pounding pleasure.  Or, you might be somewhat shorter and might work out just fine.  


please dude FEED us more of these



REALLY need him to turn around. calves like this are best admired from behind.  so can the OP find this guy and post some more?? ♥